Available Artwork

I am a UK acrylic pouring artist. I work with acrylic paint and resin regularly I am often creating new artwork.

Custom commissions taken upon request.

Acrylic poured swipe tree artwork

Blue, green, teals and black

50cm x 50cm plus Gallery frame Acrylic paints on artist grade canvas
UK courier charge is charged as an extra
Please enquire regarding delivery costs from Acrylic pouring artist Susan Westman


Acrylic poured ghost artwork

Black, Red and gold

This piece is 30cm x 100cm

Acrylic pouring ghost swipe technique using black, gold and red.

Stunning multi dimensional look.

Not possible to show fully in one photo, please message for more photos.


Available – enquire regarding delivery costs from Artist

Navy, white, blue and gold

Acrylic poured art

67cm x 20cm

Recycled quality canvas

Acrylic pouring blowing technique (dutch pour)


Available – enquire regarding delivery costs

50cm plus frame

Acrylic on traditional canvas, gallery framed


Please enquiry before purchase if delivery required.


Acrylic poured, wood and resin

Beautiful variety of colours

Gloss finish


Please enquire if delivery required

Acrylic poured, dutch pour style


Purple – £65

Blue – £65

African inspired acrylic pouring art

This is a large 80cm x 40cm deep canvas (4.5cm)
The background is a mix of oranges, yellow, and reds in acrylic pouring artform.
My abstract African style women really set the scene.

Sold within UK

Artwork sold Horsham West Sussex

Navy with greens and blue

Acrylic poured large original art

Lots of compliments for this piece displayed at Pop up Horsham currently.

Original acrylic painting, no prints taken.
UK courier charge is charged as an extra
Please message for overseas postage costs

Sold Horsham, UK

Cells in acrylic pouring

Circular teals


Acrylic pouring original

Artwork is on wood with gloss finish

This artwork could be sent out of the UK at reasonable cost to buyer

affordable acrylic pouring artwork

Circular black


Acrylic poured original

Artwork is on wood with gloss finish

This original piece could be sent out of the UK at reasonable cost to buyer

Ghost swipe acrylic pouring art

Navy and gold

On display at Pop up Horsham

80cm x 40cm

Navy, white and gold original acrylic poured painting

SOLD to Hampshire customer

Available acrylic pouring artwork


A representation of my own personal struggle

Acrylic poured original

Gallery displayed currently

Resin geode artwork

Geode inspired resin art

Striking feature artwork

Gold, white and black

84cm x 60cm


Currently on display in Wiltshire, UK

Contact artist regarding price

Custom acrylic poured art table, Created by acrylic pouring artist Susan Westman on request, with or without resin finish. UK delivery only. from £80 +

Above acrylic poured torso artwork are previous commission pieces and are sold

Pop up Horsham acrylic poured artwork by acrylic pouring artist Suz

Acrylic poured torso

Custom pieces made on request from £150

Artist Suz renowned bum pot

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