Acrylic pour painting – Dutch pour

What is acrylic pouring?

Acrylic pouring or fluid art is currently the most popular form of abstract art.

Its biggest appeal is you don’t need an art degree or even Any art experience!!

Acrylic pouring is an experience where you continue to learn and experiment each time you do it. Trying the many different mediums and additives available and then looking at the multitude of different canvases you can add your own flair to. Sometimes you create a masterpiece but quite honestly your not too sure why that piece came out better than previous attempts.

Currently in the UK there are not many places to go to learn the basics of Acrylic pouring. Just online videos and experimenting, the initial stage costs me small fortune until I figured out my own pouring formula that I can adjust depending on my canvas.

This in turn means there is a desire for learning with an expert.

I have now been teaching this for 3 years, I love it, and so have all my attendee’s

Really! 100% great feedback from everyone who has come !

Introduction to acrylic pouring

To introduce the most popular pouring mediums on the market that can be used.

I shall share my own recipe which is more affordable (key when getting though a lot of it) but also archival (if you create a masterpiece it will last forever).

Tips for natural cell production and looking at additives to get cells every time.

Types of paints that can be used.

Paint consistency, this makes or breaks a painting so I shall work with you to feel comfortable with the consistency of your paints ready for pouring. Key when learning to acrylic pour.

A look at a handful of canvases I use to give you ideas and the opportunity to question me while your creative juices are flowing.

During the workshop you will create 2 of your own small pieces (10cm x 10cm) tiles and I will supply suitable boxes to carefully carry your wet work home in. New Canvas option class gives you 2 x 20cm canvases, ask before if unsure which class to choose.

I shall also cover any canvas preparation and finishes I use that work best for me.

Included are all materials required on the day , gloves, disposable carry boxes and a handout covering key information. Please wear old clothes.

Please note …. This is very much a introduction to the art form of acrylic pouring, you will not leave feeling like an expert and in fact will possibly have more questions than prior to doing the workshop.

However the aim is for you to leave excited and with enough knowledge to be able to go away and start creating some beautiful art.

Advanced techniques workshop content

You must of attended the introduction workshop first.

For those wanting to learn more about acrylic pouring.

Have fun experimenting with pouring techniques We shall look at 3 different acrylic pouring techniques during this workshop and you will each create 3 pieces of art to take home. Each piece on a 25 x 20 cm canvas. 

Each class will confirm which techniques I shall do with you but generally speaking we do the 3 below.

Ring pour

This is a technique that’s all in the wrist. No silicone is used and its the beauty of the natural poured rings not cells we are looking for. 

Floating cup pour 

This technique will introduce the use of negative space and bright cells while floating your cup on top of the base layer. With this technique I will also be able to show how to stretch cells to make them larger. 


The swipe technique can be a little hit and miss,  in honesty I still get the odd one that doesn’t develop how I intended. However this is certainly a key acrylic pouring skill that has to be explored as the results are mesmerising. Probably my favourite in terms of finished result. 

I shall also cover any canvas preparation and finishes I use that work best for me. This is just an opportunity to ask further questions on these further to the first workshop. Trouble shooting – Common issues and ways to solve them. 

bloom pour


Unlike traditional acrylic pouring the bloom paint pouring technique is a totally different recipe and method.

Learn the latest acrylic pouring trend.

We shall spin your work into artwork !

We do both blowing and spinning our paint, and the results are beautifully striking.

Its about a few things

  1. The recipe
  2. Paint consistency
  3. The technique

I can teach you all 3, and we will have great fun while we are at it.

This is a stand alone class, you don’t need to of done any of my others classes or have any art knowledge.

Great experience event to enjoy with a friend or loved one.

Please also feel free to come alone, I am very warm and welcoming.

Bloom coasters made in workshops

Online learning – BLOOM

Video to watch at your leisure as many times as you need to.

Learn my bloom recipe and technique in the pleasure of your own surroundings.

Upon purchase you will be emailed a pdf copy of my bloom recipe and YouTube link to my bloom pouring tutorial.


acrylic pouring float

Private class

I offer the option of having a private class. This can be 1-1 session where I tailor the class to your individual needs. Or I can run a group workshop. I have done these for adult groups, children’s parties and home schooling groups or those wanting 1-1 lessons.

I do not own my own suitable premises so this would be at your home or a agreed hired location.

I can run these on acrylic pouring, Resin art , Jesmonite or mould making. I’m multiskilled in all fluid art forms and have an addictive passion for these

Prices start from £100 plus travel

Please message me to enquire

Complete Pack

Pack contains

Drip tray

Blow torch (uk regulations means I cannot put butane in torch)

4 x tiles

Mixing sticks

Ready to use liquitex varnish with cloth

My favourite silicone

My pouring medium/secret ingredient

30ml cups

Disposable apron and gloves

And a free gift which will be a paint or type of canvas, depending what I have in stock.


22 thoughts on “Workshops

  1. Had my introductory acrylic pouring workshop today in Hurstpierpoint. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Booked myself onto next level workshop with different pouring techniques in September. Meantime I’m going to do some reading and YouTube videos, buy what I need and get cracking. Thanks so much for the intro to this fabulous medium Susan.

    Thank you Francesca, so happy to see your inspired. Looking forward to us all creating more in September’s techniques workshop too.- Susan

  2. I really enjoyed this course. I love colour and I am delighted with the result. Have booked another

  3. My sister and I came to the Horsham venue and had a great time learning and creating our first acrylic pour ‘masterpieces’! It gave us all we needed to get going at home and start experimenting. The workshop provided all the knowledge (and hands on experience) we needed to really get stuck in. We even have a new little pouring community from the event so we can share our progress with each other. Would highly recommend!

    Thank you for your lovely comments, I look forward to seeing you both again – Susan

  4. I just wanted to say thank you so much.
    Firstly for putting on such an enjoyable workshop and secondly for all the ongoing support you have given me getting my tiles vanished and mounted.
    You have also given me the confidence and know how to do my our pours which have also turned out really well.
    I will definitely be signing up to an advance course in the future once I have a few more of my own pours under my belt.
    Thank you again
    Best wishes

    Thank you Dash for taking the time to write some feedback. Enjoy your creating and hope to see you again in the future. – Susan

  5. Hello 🙂
    I am interested in attending a workshop in Lewes or Brighton area if you create one 🙂
    Please do keep me informed if you do.

    1. Hello Angela, So sorry for the delay.
      I am very pleased to advise I now have a Brighton workshop scheduled on 1st December.
      Its on the website and you can book on there too.
      I am expecting it to sell out quickly.
      Thank you kindly for your enquiry

  6. I would be very interested to attend a future workshop – I live in BANSTEAD SURREY SM7 and quite close to M25 J 8 or can access Train to London Victoria. Please advise. Many thanks

    Pat Barden

    PS JUST seen classes & would find Horsham easiest to attend so would like to know when you might next be there!

    1. Hi Pat

      I shall be adding another Horsham date and am eagerly trying to find a Dorking or Reigate venue too but havent had any luck so far.
      I will update my website and Facebook page once I have schduled. FB Suzhandmadecreations
      Kind regards

    2. Hi Pat,

      For your information I have just adding a Horley workshop and another Horsham workshop if either of the dates work for you.
      kind regards

  7. Hi Susan,
    I realised when I got home there was a feedback form. So I wanted to give you some.
    Had my first taster acrylic pour session. OK WOWZER I’m hooked! Susan’s instruction was precise, informative and easy to understand. I felt the whole group was included, all queries were answered and absolutely all the information you need to have a go and start your journey was and will be fulfilled in this session. You’re not rushed and any instructions or information you wanted was given by Susan. Brilliant fun, exciting results and I would highly recommend it. 😍

  8. I would love to try my hand at this but i live in Nottingham, does anyone know anywhere more local to me where they hold these workshops

    1. Hi Sam, Sorry I am unaware of any acrylic pouring workshops anywhere close to you. I do however do a learn from home option. This is a materials pack I send to you plus links to my own teaching video. It is a great way to start your own acrylic pouring journey. Here is the link to this page on here.
      Kind regards

  9. Hello,I would very much like to join a group to learn how to acrylic pour painting,I have been enthralled by watch YouTube absolutely smitten with this style.

    1. That’s great, I have only 1 workshop date scheduled currently (due to unknown covid situation) which is in September in Worthing. Or I do a home learning option where I send materials and video links to teach you how to use them and to share my tips.
      Where about’s are you based?
      Kind regards

  10. Hi. Could you please let me know where and when will you have a workshop in Horsham?

  11. I would love to join the upcoming Guilford class! I see it says “unavailable” although the workshop dates page has a “buy here” link… are there any spaces left?

    1. It is full, I can add you to a wait list and advise if I have any spaces become available?

  12. He Susan,

    Are you still doing workshops?

    My girlfriend is very creative a loves acrylic pouring and I wouldn’t mind booking her an experience day.

    Please feel free to contact me on my email

  13. Really eager to create some masterpieces for my home. Currently located in Dorking. Are there any venues near me that offer this? I’m happy to drive too.

    Thank you

    1. Thankyou, sounds like my full day experience would be ideal for you. You will learn a lot in just one day and certainly be ready to create some masterpieces. I have Dial post on 12th May or Leonardslee Gardens on 30th June, within a comfortable driving distance?

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